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Little Crowns ™ is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide educational materials to children in underprivileged communities. Our mission is unique because we empower these children to develop powerful habits of the mind to influence their generation and generations to come.

Come join us and play a key role in making our mission a reality.



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Whether you are an individual, company or organization, your strategic cooperation with Little Crowns could go a long way in making changes not just in Africa, but around the world.
The intent of the Little Crowns organization is to carry out missions that address educational needs all around Africa and eventually the world. Every penny donated towards our causes would be accounted for and used to fully maximize our vision.
The Little Crowns Organization was founded this year 2016, and we are presently waiting on our 501C. Even though our status is pending we are committed to making a difference right now. Our passionate mission to help these children, and your gifts would deliver results that could last generations. Your donations would be itemized for tax deductions immediately the 501c is received.
We are looking for individuals like you who can stand up and be a voice for these children. If we raise the bar in impoverished parts of the world, then we would eventual raise the bar in all parts of the world because we are interconnected. Every one who volunteers to be a part of our mission would be part of a greater vision that changes the future of the world for the better.
We are passionate individuals who have united in a common mission. Our experience is driven by our commitment to make a difference and one we plan to make a lifelong endeavor.

Our fingerprints on the lives we touch never fade

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What people say

Derek Ballard
As someone who has run a non-profit I can appreciate the effort with which the organizers of Little Crown are shaping the future of giving. Educating these young ones helps us live up to the adage "give a man a fish and feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime."
Anne Lynch
As a mother of a young one, I can appreciate the effort the founders are putting into making children have an enjoyable educational experience. My prayer is that nothing stands in their way of making these dreams come true for these children. This is definitely a great mission.
Catherine Roberts
Working in the health industry as allowed me to see the conditions so many individuals live in that is deplorable, and the only thing between these people and a better health is education. Sometimes the most basic education can save lives and I believe Little Crowns would not only be helping these minds, she would be saving their lives literally.
Porcha Taylor
I have always supported the endeavors of the founder, and appreciate all the team as well. I am confident Little Crown has a powerful foundation to do great things and make a difference in the lives of these children. The network of counselors guiding this vision will create a great future for these children, and I can only hope everyone who hears of Little Crowns are willing to support the vision.